Tuesday, November 29, 2016


The night rolled up her sleeves, ready for the bash. Darkness alighted on the front yard like an owl on a mouse, thick and final. Chris slowed on the brick-paved path, waiting for his eyes to make out the surroundings. A cacophony of frogs roared by the river. Clok-krrr. Clok-krrr. Clok-krrr.

The cooling air ran riot with an intoxicating scent. Along the concrete foundation, the plants Chris had thought were dying weeds perked up. A moth hovered above mauve petals. They glowed like tiny stars in the trickle of light from the curtained windows where Valya’s silhouette stood motionless in the middle of the veranda. 


American college students. Russian countryside. A guide addicted to supernatural energy. Their professor wants to help her, but maybe he is saving a monster.

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