Friday, July 15, 2016


"Dressed in beige slacks and a white blouse, with blushing cheeks and a braid streaming over her shoulder and down her chest, Valya could have been a poster girl for any Russian agency, except for the fact that not a hint of a smile touched her lips."

I held my breath when I saw the cover for the first time. The talented artist, Tina Moss, has chosen the perfect image. This was my heroine, Valya Svetlova, the way she would appear in the eyes of her unwary American guests once she had brought the group to the Russian village of Vishenky, sprawled on the river Osoka, for a few nights of paranormal occurrences. "Vishenky's Legends and Supernatural Phenomena: Are you brave enough to experience them?"


Can you call yourself human if supernatural forces control your every breath, every emotion, every desire?

Posing as a folklore-tour guide, Valya Svetlova takes a group of American college students and their professor, Chris Waller, to her summer home in the Russian village of Vishenky for a few nights of supernatural phenomena. She works hard to appear a perfect hostess. Valya doesn’t want anyone to discover she harbors selfish motives when it comes to one participant, the only person who can refute a wicked tale declaring her a stillborn resurrected by a paranormal entity, a puppet in someone’s horror show destined to perish in the otherworldly dimension.

Within hours of their arrival, Valya learns that the students, too, foster some dangerous agendas. Her nascent feelings toward the handsome professor inhibit her ability to control the supernatural manifestations and her inquisitive guests. When her unforeseen affection turns Chris into a target of the malevolent forces, Valya faces the excruciating reality. It’s no longer in her human power to ensure her guests’ safety. But to keep Chris and the students alive, Valya must brush off her humanity and become something she fights so desperately to prove she is not. A soulless monster.

Coming November 2016

City Owl Press

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